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Ep 5 – Led by Women, The Resistance Is Now a Major Political Force

Election 2017 was a resounding victory for Democrats, and specifically, the Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama coalitions. Peter is joined by Donna Edwards, Shannon Powell, and Tom Watson to discuss how women are powering the Resistance and winning at the local and state level.

Bonus Ep – Breaking the Gun Lobby’s Grip on America

Peter talks to Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action, and Khary Penebaker, Everytown Survivor Fellow, about the scourge of gun violence in America. Penebaker describes his mother’s suicide and his own suicide attempt, and Watts talks about legislative successes in the Trump era. A candid and emotional conversation.

Ep 3 – Indicting the Mainstream Media

Peter Daou and Tom Watson deliver an indictment of the mainstream media’s political coverage, focusing on Trump, Russia, Mueller, and Clinton.

Ep 4 – Bernie Sanders Is Destroying the Democratic Party

Peter Daou talks to political activist and author Tom Watson about how Democrats can win elections by letting go of the corrosive influence of Bernie Sanders and by proudly embracing the historic legacy of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Ep 1 – Reclaiming Patriotism

In Reclaiming Patriotism, Peter Daou talks to retired General Mark Hertling and Professor Carol Anderson about what defines an American and how we can honor the principles and ideals expressed in the U.S. Constitution. Our Guests: Lieutenant General Mark Hertling served for 37 years in the US Army, retiring as the Commanding General, US Army Europe and Seventh Army.

Ep 2 – Has Trump Been Normalized?

In “Has Trump Been Normalized?”, Peter Daou is joined by political activist Leela Daou (his wife and Verrit co-founder) to discuss how to manage the challenges of the Trump era as the mainstream media normalize his presidency.

      1. Excellent source of info – /love lay- out of articles/ variety of subjects/.
        I have quit listening/watching TV. Bored to death with their stale programming for 2 months. Haven’t missed it a bit! And god knows -commercial marketing is a taste of hell- itself.
        Do you know what that makes you? A godsend!
        As a feminist philosopher, can you do a piece on new terminology? EX. Mansplaining. One word says- so much about a condition sooo common and sooo annoying- it has a habit of instantly bringing about Awareness to the offenders.
        Let’s here more from sharp women ‘ ” Critical thinkers”, They do think differently from men; and ,the exchange would help to bridge the passive/aggressive ‘gender wars. 👵🏻💓✌️Just musing feminist philosopher

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