Introducing Verrit: Media for the 65.8 Million

65,853,516 Americans voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, giving her a decisive popular vote victory over Donald Trump. Clinton’s voters came from all backgrounds and political persuasions; some supported other candidates in the primaries; but all had common interests and aspirations, among them a repudiation of what Trump’s campaign stood for.

The Clinton coalition remains strong and engaged. #StillWithHer is a widely-used hashtag that reflects a mindset and a mission: to fight for a future where love trumps hate, dignity overcomes division, equality and justice defeat extremism and bigotry.

Hillary Clinton faced relentless vilification, imbalanced media coverage, and foreign propaganda, yet still attracted more votes than any presidential candidate in history except Barack Obama in 2008.

With the essence of American democracy at stake, 65.8 million people saw through the lies and smears and made a wise, patriotic choice. But they continue to be marginalized and harassed. Verrit’s purpose is to become their trusted source of political information and analysis; to provide them (and anyone like-minded) sanctuary in a chaotic media environment; to center their shared principles; and to do so with an unwavering commitment to truth and facts.

Verrit can only grow with the help of those whose values it reflects and serves. We ask you to join us, sign up, spread the word, share your views, and together we can reject revisionism and tell our own story with integrity and honesty.

-Peter Daou

Hillary Clinton on Twitter

I’m excited to sign up for @Verrit, a media platform for the 65.8 million! Will you join me and sign up too?

Peter Daou on Twitter

I can name thousands of people I connect with on Twitter who are #StillWithHer. Where is THEIR big media profile? Have they EVER had one?

“Yes, there are still ceilings to break—for women and men, for all Americans. But don’t let anyone tell you that great things can’t happen in America. Barriers can come down. Justice and equality can win. Our history has moved in that direction—slowly at times, but unmistakably—thanks to generations of Americans who refused to give up or back down.”

Hillary Clinton makes history (Full speech – June 7, 2016)

Hillary Clinton calls for unity during a speech in Brooklyn, New York, where she acknowledged that she will likely become the first female presidential nominee from a major U.S. political party.

  1. I am still with you. The election was a travesty. The electoral college must go. Most people don’t even know why we have the archaic thing in the first place! The Russians also need to get out of our elections.

  2. It’s amazing but sad at the same time watching Hillary Clinton doing all these interviews. Hearing a real president speak with full sentences and real words. Intelligent, well thought out sentences instead of the off the head gibberish we deal with daily. Or if their a teleprompter, the deadpan obviously not written by him speeches. It’s inspiring watching the interviews with her but I can’t help but think what could’ve been as i’m watching.

  3. Hillary was the best qualified non-incumbent ever to run for the presidency. She obviously would have made an excellent Chief Executive. I still believe that there was no single reason that she lost. Rather there were such divergent forces working against her that no matter what she did in her campaign, these forces would have found a way to criticize her. Nonetheless, I can say with a degree of confidence that if there had been no James Comey, Hillary would be President today. Furthermore, I believe that if Trump continues along his current path, the country would more than welcome Hillary in 2020. Still am with her!!

  4. Fortunately this website seems to terrify the commentariat and the ideologues. Otherwise I never would have found it. I kept seeing these frantic, rabid, incoherent assaults so I thought I should check it out.
    All I can guess is that the need to hide from the guilt that the media and hard left must feel for their responsibility for Trump forces them to flail at anything that could force them to face it.
    Hillary told us that the world is a complicated and hard place but that people together trusting each other and working hard can make it better. I hope we can keep that hope alive.

  5. A friend on Facebook said this, ” I’ve pre-sale ordered her book & plan to order it in audible because I want to hear Hillary’s voice reading it.”
    Hillary will be on colbert (boo!!), The View and other shows (from what I hear). Will the media be kind to her EVER?

  6. Hillary was and always will be the best choice we ever had. Most competent, knowledgeable and presidential candidate ever! Can 45’s supporters NOW see what kind of horrendous mistake they made? Please, Hillary, come back and be a presence!! ALWAYS with her.

  7. We need to increase our efforts to register new Democratic voters ten-fold, especially in the three swing states that gave TRump the EC win. 80,000 voters in those three states have cost America its morality and standing in the world by electing a man who had to pay $25 million to settle the lawsuit against his fraudulent “university”. And right after the election he filed amended returns which admitted to the IRS that he had engaged in illegal self-dealing with his sham of a charity for years. He used it to illegally donate to an Attorney General that was deciding whether to investigate him for that fraudulent university, pay off court settlements against his for-profit companies, and buy portraits of himself. If we take the House and Senate in 2018, we can prevent TRump from destroying our world. #MidTermsMatter

  8. The ideal team for 2020 would be Hillary and Michelle.
    The U.S. needs rescuing and I cannot think of a more qualified Lady than Hillary. So looking forward to reading her new book.
    Still with her.

  9. Hillary Clinton is a strong woman who only deserves the greatest dignity and admiration. I personally hope she runs a 2020 ticket with Michelle Obama and we get women into the White House to break the glass ceiling twice over!

  10. Hillary,
    I’ve been waiting for a site like this. Ever since the election I’ve been looking for a way to support and defend you.

    You are the best and always will be. I hope by some miracle I get the chance to experience your Presidency. Either way, I will always be with you.

  11. The time is now-We’d like to reassemble Team Hillary-She says she’s not running again but no matter, if we start now we can get America to write her in, that’s our goal!

  12. I’m all in. Tired of feeling divided as a party with the infighting, antagonized by fringe groups and Russian fake accounts. Will be good to read about and discuss important issues and remember that most voters actually wanted Hillary Clinton to win!

  13. Welcome Back Hilary, Yes, Yes & Yes! This nation needs your and president Obama’s leadership far far more than before. Yes, please speak up both of you … the nation needs you!
    Miss you and yes am still with you.

    – anil

    1. A significant portion of the country did not feel that being qualified was that important. 8 months in they know different……whether they want to admit it or not.

  14. Still here… still engaged… still with Hillary/Obama. Never forget: we made the moral choice and thank you, Peter, for the platform.

    1. I hope if trump is ever impeached/removed from office, Congress put Hillary in office because she won the popular vote, and russia/trump illegitimately took over the office of the presidency.

      1. That’s what they do in EVERY competition. Cheaters disqualified. Runner up awarded the trophy. I do not see what is so hard about that. I am with you!

  15. I am Honored that Hillary invited me over here. I am Proud I voted for Hillary & I would vote for Hillary again. #StillWithHer

  16. HRC was the most qualified candidate to run for president since the start of the republic. Her decades of public service in so many capacities was amazing preparation. Her even temperament and command of the issues were exemplary. She was treated with callous disrespect and abject unfairness. Someday I hope this country will come to understand how she was vilified and finally feel remorse over having missed the opportunity of having her as our president. She could have done so much good for so many. A special thank you to 94% of black women everywhere who saw the light and voted her. Thank you for starting this website.

  17. What I hear most from my fellow Democratic voters about Hillary is they love her. LOVE her. We saw the tears when she conceded. We voted and elected her and we were all robbed. People say now is not the time for a woman but they forget we already elected one. The most qualified ever and the only one who ran a clean campaign. We refuse to let the media or anyone else continue false narratives on her. We women are tired of being held down and set back and we showed the world with our march and that was for Hillary.

  18. Having spent the last months of the campaign endlessly telling the electorate that “nobody likes or trusts Hillary Clinton,” her winning the popular vote by an almost 3 million vote margin was too difficult of a feat for our press corps to explain away. So they’ve pretended it didn’t happen. Ever since, they’ve been insisting that Trump won because Hillary was one of the most unpopular candidates in history, who was unable to connect with voters. This is a flat out monstrous lie that we cannot allow to stand. It is a lie as much about the majority of voters in this presidential election as it is about her. If we let them get away with re-writing history so maliciously, truth in journalism will become a hazy memory.

  19. We have needed this platform. The last year has been so painful. The campaign was grueling, the election devastating, and the past 6 months soul-wrenching. We have been robbed and are now witnessing cruelty as a result. To be able to come together on Verrit is an unexpected relief. Thank you for this!! We still BELIEVE, Hillary. We need you!!

    1. That’s what they do in EVERY competition. Cheaters disqualified. Runner up awarded the trophy. I do not see what is so hard about that. I am with !

  20. Hillary, I have been with you since Arkansas. I miss your calm, level headed leadership. You are my hero and our hope! I absolutely love you.

  21. I will never get over this, I will never stop fighting for your good name and I pray every day for the miracle it will take to fix this. #AlwaysWithHer

  22. A quick reminder that the myriad of Bernie voters who refused to vote for Clinton after their candidate lost caused this mess we’re in right now

  23. @HillaryClinton 🇺🇸
    #WereStillHere 🇺🇸
    #ImStillWithHer 🇺🇸
    #WereStillWithHer 🇺🇸
    #Resistance 🇺🇸
    #ShesMyLegitimatePresident 🇺🇸
    We all miss you & we love you ❤
    I miss you New York 🇺🇸 USA 🇺🇸

  24. No candidate in my lifetime has been so badly treated, villified and smeared as Hillary. I admit I was leery when she first announced having tired so much of the hate and anger thrown at her. But once I realized her strategies, policies and experience was superior to any other candidate I was in. She won and if held today, she would win again.

    I can’t think of anyone more suited to be the POTUS. I’m so miserable and scared without Hillary and Obama.

    1. I was a big Bernie supporter in the primary but after the convention, I was all in for Hillary! I was hired as an intern with the Clinton Campaign. I am VP of College Democrats at Shawnee State University and I convinced many Bernie supporters like myself to vote for Hillary Clinton! I was heartbroken when Hillary lost the general due to the FBI and Russia…. but I’m still with her and she deserves to be President

    2. We are going through dark times under current POTUS. I pray we will get through this but there is already so much damage. We have to fight for our values and encourage everyone we know to vote in future elections for local, state & federal.

  26. My 💜 almost died Nov 8th 2016, Hillary I believe in God, Humanity, and you. Im having Quad Triple Heart bypass surgery 09-06-17. I need your Prayers, so I can keep fighting this fight. Nov 8th 2016, we lost a battle, but I believe in my Heart “Stronger Together” we will WIN the WAR. I’m excited to get this Heart thing behind me, God willing I will fight for everything our country stands for! I’ll be away for a few days, but I’ll be forever in spirit. #GodBlessHumanity #JesusTakeTheWheel #HARVEY #GodBlessTexas #BuildAnArk💙

    1. Last night, seeing you again after October 2016, gave me joys beyond imagination! With your extraordinary qualities, you inspired me once again and gave me courage and hope! I was amazed by your greatness how you still encourage us NOT to hate the haters! How do you do that?
      And your words about the dreadful night after your speech literally killed me!! I’m so sorry, Hillary! We all felt like that, broken and hurt! But you didn’t lose, America did! The presidency was yours, you had earned it by persistence and dedication and hard work! You should have been the President, but in reality, you ARE! You are #thePEOPLESpresident! I do whatever you want us to do because that’s the only way to peace, acceptance, love, and freedom – for all! #AlwaysWithYOU
      I love you SO much!

  27. Every day is harder, a crushing weight of fear for people I care about, fear for people I don’t even know, sadness for my country- a momentary uncertainty regarding my sanity, because “this” can’t happen HERE, so I must be blowing things out of proportion, right?? But then the news comes on, and – it seems pretty real.I’m afraid. I’m angry. I want to hide, I want to fight. I want to cry, I want to scream. Don’t misunderstand, these aren’t cliches or flowery words, this is every minute of every day. I don’t know if it’s Russia. I don’t know if he’s crazy. I wonder if this is how Germans felt in the beginning, if they thought Revelations was upon them. I see people screaming Civil War and running innocent people over, cops behaving illegally, Nazis proudly parading in the daylight, and the person in the WH, his advisors, and Republicans cheering them on, saying they have every right. People keep saying our shining knight is a prosecutor, but it may be years before he’s ready to act. I don’t think we have years. I will end this now, because it depresses ME. But the question was somethingbto do with how we feel. That’s how I feel.

    1. You are not alone. I wake up at 1am every night wondering about the next news coming. Today the DACA news was just heartbreaking. Anyway you are not alone. Somehow we will survive the next 4 years. Hopefully not 8.

  28. Hillary,

    I have been with you since you became our first lady, ran for the Senate (voted for you!), ran for President in 2008 and won the popular vote (voted for you again!); became Secretary of State and then ran for President again in 2016 and again won the popular vote (voted for you again!!!)

    I will always be with you. You are my President and I miss you everyday I see trump on TV, and sanders and biden and schumer and perez. Nobody inspires like you!

  29. I’ve been watching Hillary since she was in Arkansas. Liked her when she started bucking the good ‘ol boy’s club that wanted her to toe the traditional “governor’s wife” line. Was proud to vote for her!


  31. Looks great! Finally, somewhere for us. #StillWithHer

    After all the Twitter nonsense about this site and Hillary today, I’m especially grateful you’re here. Rock on.

  32. I wrote letters to the electors begging them to change their votes. My fears were more than warranted. Can’t understand how anyone can blame the victim. Oh yeah…it’s an ancient habit when the victim is a woman. I’m tired of hearing republicans interviewed on MSNBC. Great idea for a platform that talks about progressive ideals. I’m on board all the way. Where do I sign up???!!!

  33. We elected a statesman in 2012, and we elected a leader in 2016. Unfortunately, Trump got the electoral college to put him in the White House anyway. Damn straight I’m #STILLWITHHER. Sic ’em, #Verrit!

    1. I am from the UK a mother of three girls. Me and my eldest daughter stayed up all night on 8th November and we cried our eyes out together. The scales fell from my eyes and all of the things I thought I knew about society, I suddenly saw were wrong. People refused to acknowledge what was in clear and plain sight, no man would have had to have been around the levers of power so long before getting their shot, the press would NEVER have felt entitled to drown out a man’s voice so effectively, no man with Hillary’s track record would have been weighed against such a candidate and all of their experience and character disregarded despite the other candidates evident unsuitability and corruption, no man would have been told to shut up and go away or despite winning a majority that ‘another candidate would have won’. BUT after a tough and confusing few months, I decided to go back to University to do a Masters in Datascience and Data analysis. Because that is going to be my battle ground, to know who is doing what in this world and why. I want to take my inspiration from a woman who really knows how to fight and I want to fight for a more equal society. I am still with her, but more than that she is now with me, because I am taking on Hillary’s fight, she was fighting for us, for society, for the people who can’t and now I am fighting for her and with her and for us all. Because the only way this world is going to become a fairer place is if we fight for it. One brilliant woman wasn’t enough but maybe millions of ordinary women like me ARE enough.

      Good luck everyone round the world, we’ve got this, if we all do something small to take on the fight some way some how, we can make that difference because we are #stillwithher

    1. I absolutely agree it was one of the proudest days of my life to cast a vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton. I have changed doctors because mine told me she just couldn’t vote for her, so she voted for no one. I have lost friends and family whom I blame for their horrible votes. Anyone on the run up to the election that told me “I just can’t vote for her” or “they are both the same”, got an earful from me. But still many chose the dispicable instead of the woman. It kills me a little inside that my children and grandchildren are going to be fighting the same battles I fought as a young woman, for freedom of contraception choices and workplace equality, and basic human rights. I thought we had come so far from there. I would constantly tell my daughters how luck they were that there was a planned parenthood and a birth control pill. They also had the ability to choose any career path they wanted. Now look at the mess we are creating with this new mean spirited, bigoted era that we have entered. I cannot bring myself to believe that this is really what America looks like now.

    1. I’m glad you and everyone else 18-21 y/o are around to keep america’s conscience intact. Please, show up this year in local elections, and next year in midterm elections. Progressives have to keep our eyes on what unites us. We are on the side of right, everyone who wants to defeat the GOP program. Everyone.
      I disagreed with a lot of HRC’s actions, I worked for Sanders in the primary, I find his positions represent my own more closely. BUT!!! I drove 9 hours each way, many times, to knock on doors for Clinton in October. We need to stop fighting with each other. Both sides need to fight the only enemy that matters. Both sides.

        1. I love Hillary but I hope she doesn’t. Not because she doesn’t deserve to but I don’t think she is a masochist. She deserves to be happy and treated with respect and the fact of the matter is she is intensely hated by a lot of people. A hate that I don’t think I will ever understand.

  34. I voted for Hillary Clinton every time she was a candidate–senate races in New York, presidential races. It would be my honor to vote for her again if she should choose to become a candidate again. I admire her strength, her compassion, her abilities, her qualifications. To me, she represents the fight against misogyny all women must wage if we are to be considered human beings with the same rights as our male counterparts. I am, and forever will be, STILL WITH HER.

  35. Thank you, Hillary. I’m excited about this new platform!

    You have been an inspiration for me for many years. This past May, I ran for office in my hometown of California, PA ( you visited us in 2008 during your campaign). I’m the Democratic mayoral nominee.

    Best wishes, and prayers for you, always!


    1. Rosemary,
      Thanks for posting -not just to Hillary, though, because you are an inspiration to all of us.

      Our Dem mayor is running for Ohio governor, so your actions are pushing us forward. I know HRC would just beam at you!

      Best wishes – I’ll be sure to look for the coverage of your mayoral win:)

      1. Thanks, Sue. I very much appreciate the kind words and encouragement. I am learning how sustaining such thoughtfulness can be.

        Take care. 🙂

    2. Hillary, I couldn’t be more happier for you. Thank you for introducing the new platform. I’ll have to check it out later on.

      Best wishes to you!


  36. When Hillary couldn’t get health insurance for all of us, she at least got it for poor kids. Her program, CHiP, saved the life of a little boy I loved. He’s a grown man today because Hillary Clinton made sure that kids like him could get the care they need. When you look at Hillary’s record she has been fighting for fairness, for justice and for public policy which exemplifies the spiritual values of truth, equality and care. She is EXACTLY the kind of thoughtful, caring and extraordinarily competent person we need. Miss you, Hilz

  37. The media is obsessed with the minority of white males who helped by Russia put Trump in power. We get update on every clueless musing of vindictive – occasionally regretful Trump voters. But we, the 65.8 million are somehow invisible to them. We are still here and we’ll still with her.

  38. Thank you for giving us this platform. It’s wrong that we’ve been made to feel marginalized when we’re part of the majority. I’ve looked up to HRC ever since she entered the world stage as First Lady and always thought she’d make an outstanding president. I was ecstatic when she announced her candidacy in April 2015. I want her to continue to speak out and lend her voice to the important issues. She’s my champion and a hero to millions in the US and around the world. Always with her.

  39. My heart was broken on Election Day 2016. Having admired and followed Hillary Clinton all her public career, I admired her strength as a woman and prayed she would become our 1st woman President. The hate she has endured is unacceptable. As an older woman, I have grown weary from the oppressiveness of conservatism, but know the fight is not over. God help us all.

  40. Secretary Clinton is now and has been for decades, since first she was vilified and targeted for no other reason than that she was a visionary woman of brilliance and extraordinary intellectual gifts, the model of dignity, grace, and respectful, considered leadership. I was flabbergasted when she was robbed of the presidency — whether that was by nefarious illegalities & foreign interference in collusion with the gop and tr*mp, or, simply, huge swaths of the population having been brainwashed by the blather of bigotry. I am still with Her. Will always be with Her. And hope this site can undo some of the damage done and, moving forward, restore the embracing, encouraging, enlightened outlook and urge to evolve and progress that Hillary Clinton inspired and embodied.

    1. Thank you -my thoughts exactly -I’m still simply heartbroken. We should of had a new election, it was the right thing to do for the sake of Democracey. Kenya got it right. I will always be with her. Hillary belongs in the political arena and now we don’t have her any where.Its too early for her retirement she was born to serve. Hillary would of been ambling the Greats for Presidents and S perfect fit to follow PBOs class act.

  41. The media completely overlooked us and claimed that we did not exist, that there were no enthusiastic Clinton voters. They would be dead wrong. No one spoke to us, no one would focus on us. However we are not going away. #StillWithHer

  42. I am proudly still with her. I almost fell for the 20 year lie machine. Until faced with a choice between her & Trump. So I investigated myself. & found it was all a pack of lies.
    Yes Im with her. I stand with her proudly

    1. I was caught up in all the hype as well. I changed my mind when I watched 45 stalk her on stage during debate and she kept right on even though it must of been frightening to have him on you like that. So I delved into Her and was fortunate to figure out she was being lied about so I voted for her and would again. #StillwithHer

      1. I was caught up in all the hype as well. I changed my mind when I watched 45 stalk her on stage during debate and she kept right on even though it must of been frightening to have him on you like that. So I delved into Her and was fortunate to figure out she was being lied about so I voted for her and would again. #StillwithHer

  43. Hillary, I will always be with you. I am so proud of my vote for you. You are my inspiration to persist in fighting for the country I love. You showed such dignity and courage in the face of assaults waged against you by the Media obsessed with “Gotcha Hillary, GOP, the alt-left, alt-right, Trump, Russia, Wikileaks, and Comey. It amazes me despite all that was hurled against you, you won the popular vote. Knowing this gives me hope for America and eases the pain I feel everyday with your loss and the direction Trump and the GOP are taking to divide America. Thank you for always caring and never giving up on us. I miss your voice speaking for the majority who want our country back.

    1. I am still with you Hillary! Please run for President in 2020! Though you and our country were robbed in 2016, it will not happen again! #Stillwithher

  44. Hilliary Clinton was the most qualified individual in US history to run for the Presidency. That she was denied, unfortunately for everyone, shows the ignorance and hate still far too prevalent in the USA.

  45. Hillary inspired millions. Inspired me. A 19 year old from deep Texas. Im a proud lgbt voter. I also believe in instead of “Walls” BUILD BRIDGES. We are here and we are not going anywhere. #stillwithher

  46. I am still all in. We can’t let our country be diminished by Trump and these racists and the GOP does not have the balls to stand up to them. I am a veteran and we no longer live in the country I had signed up to serve!

  47. Hillary-haters on the right and fringe left are so furious this site exists. For months now the media has focused on them, instead of us, the voting bloc that actually won the popular vote. We’re expected to meekly and silently go away, back to our kitchens, and let the young radicals and brownshirts fight over who will rule us next.

    But we won’t go. Not now, not ever. Those days are over. Thanks for creating a resource to help us stay informed and networked.

    1. They are. They grouse and grumble and attack. They are afraid, and they begrudge us now what we should have had all along: safety, freedom to support the candidate of our choice, unimpeded right to vote, and a factual media experience. This is … unbelievable. I love being here.

      Isn’t it odd how simple truth feels like a miracle?

    2. When I saw the attacks on Peter, I knew that this is something that I have to get behind. I’ve been fuming for months and bottled up with so much anguish, so I’m excited for this forum.

  48. Many of us knew this election was illegitimate from the outset.
    And certainly before the Electoral College voted.
    Congress knew there were unanswered questions.
    Republican leadership knew Russia interfered.

    And yet, no one did anything.
    The EC voted. A Republican Congress accepted the vote.
    The “process” of democracy was observed.
    The spirit was not.

    Austria revoted in a fraudulent election.
    Kenya revoted in a fraudulent election.
    The US Congress and SCOTUS ignores its responsibility
    to We, the People.

    #Nullify this election.

  49. We need to fight for the soul of our country! The occupier of the Oval Office is dangerous and incompetent and is systematically destroying our nation. We must RESIST!

  50. Dear @HillaryClinton
    You ran an incredible campaign and I am so proud to have been part of it as a volunteer. I got to meet wonderful people, most importantly YOU! I did a lot of phone banking, canvassing and voter registration in English and Spanish. I also donated as much as I could despite that I live on a small disability payment.
    However, I have been deeply shocked and worried since the election night. Especially, with the truth unfolding by the minute about the Russian interference, it has become even harder for me to understand why you are not in the White House. I have felt completely lost and hopeless. During your campaign, my inner self was thriving and I found new hope. But now, all my new hopes and prospects for a better future have been shattered. I can’t sleep at night and every time I turn on the news, I get very close to a panic attack.
    Your whole campaign platform had such a progressive and hopeful vision of America. A nation, in which we lift each other up and build bridges instead of walls.
    I sincerely hope that you don’t stop and come back in any function possible. I understand that you need a break and heal like all of us, but you are so strong and amazing, you’ll recover much quicker than most of us. Of course, one of my biggest wishes is that you would run again in 2020 and shatter the glass ceiling for sure. Remember, “Three Is A Charm”. There is no other person more qualified for the presidency than you because you are champion for all Americans. I know you would have a tremendous number of supporters and each one of us would work even harder and we would win because we are #StrongerTogether.
    I’m standing by you no matter what happens! You are and represent everything I believe in and value! My future was on the ballot and I am worried, but I know you won’t be quiet and will continue fighting for us! I’m devastated and left with a great degree of uncertainty, but thank you so much for all what you have done so far. Even if not POTUS (at least for now), you are making a big difference in people’s lives. You are inspiring millions of people and together we can continue to make changes and achieve a progressive America.
    Thank you again for all you do. I would love to help you with anything I can. This is a very difficult time for all of us and you keep encouraging women around the whole world to “fight for what is right because it’s worth it.” (Hillary Clinton). Right now, I just would like to give you a bear hug.
    I hope you are feeling well and I look forward to supporting you in your next mission. Onward!
    With much love and kindness
    You are the best and I am #StillWithHer #ImWithHerAlways. You are my champion for life.
    With love and kindness,
    Corinne Pina

  51. I liked Hillary. She is not perfect but would have been the best president ever. The attacks on her character were so flimsy. Everything she said was intelligent, well thought out. She presented real and feasible solutions. When I got up on 11/9, I was sickened to see what happened. There is no way he won fairly. No way. We voted for Hillary.

    1. I too am still with her. For many years she has stood for women & children and stood against racism, bigotry and hatred. I am ashamed of this country for the hateful way they treated her and continue to treat all of us. We are stronger together and will continue the fight for our constitution, our free press and our brothers and sisters of color and different faiths. HRC has fought for all of us for years and we will follow her lead and fight for each other.

  52. I’m still here. The things we could have done by now, had the election not been hacked. We have so much to do in this nation that was great before ‘he’ came to town. He represents the worst of a nation. You represent the best and I can’t wait to see you in the WH.

  53. Hillary, you are my voice, regardless who is in the WH. Please know that those of us who stood with you during the 2016 campaign are still very much with you. #She’sMyPresident #HillaryWon

  54. Let the people cry out, one with our symbol of love, acceptance, progress, patriotism, and protection



  55. Hi Hillary!! I am STILL here!!! I am very proud of my vote for you and hope we can move forward fast!! We must defeat this oppressive administration and continue to progress, like we were before January 20, 2017.

  56. I feel overwhelmed with relief and respect knowing you are going to be a part of this platform Hillary.
    You have been greatly missed.
    So very proud to say,
    Still With Her!

  57. Standing with the 65million of like mind. I believe in America. In the good heart of Americans. I’m so sorry the election was stolen away from Hillary. We can rise together and be heard and reclaim our country.

  58. I am still with Hillary and what she stood for. I was emotionally ill for months after the election and am sick at heart watching what is happening now. Pleased to see this platform forming.

  59. Not only do I support H. I think when it’s all investigated & done we will find that she won. Period. I will vote for her in 2020 if she decides to run again.

  60. Hillary has made women’s rights, children’s rights and human rights her life’s work. America is better for her leadership. #AlwaysWithHer

  61. It’s absolutely true that during and after the election the perspective of the Hillary voter was almost completely ignored by the press. If you were to judge support for candidates based on the number of puff pieces their supporters got, you’d think it was 300 to 1 Trump to Hillary and 200 to 1 Bernie to Hillary. I’ll support any media speaking for the ignored and maligned majority of the country.

  62. I am still with you and always will be for life. You would have been the best president ever. I miss her. God Bless 🙏❤️

  63. I have never been more proud of my vote than when I supported Hillary Clinton in the primary band general election. The media was terribly biased against her as she faced a very unfair playing field making her National Vote victory all the more impressive. I’m thrilled that a platform has been created for the majority of Americans that are still with her. #OnwardTogether

  64. I am a Hillary Clinton supporter since she was Flotus. I supported her through the campaign and will continue to support her throughout the rest of her career. I believe that Hillary was what our country needed and will need for years to come. #Iamstillwithher

  65. Devastated by what is happening to our beloved country and to our planet because of the current WH admin. How I wish HRC was there instead.

  66. Honored to have my tweet posted here! And happy to join. Hillary Clinton is a brilliant, compassionate and extremely capable person, and I’m thrilled to be here.

  67. I am #stillwithher. My husband is #stillwithher. My children are #stillwithher. Hillary is the rightful winner and is my #potus.

  68. #StillWithHer and I will always be with Hillary Clinton. Proudest day of my life was the day I voted for you Hillary! I’ll always be with you!

  69. It should have been you on Inauguration Day. You were robbed.
    I will see the day when we right this wrong. I can’t wait to take in that moment, knowing that you will see it too.
    All my respect and admiration, Secretary Clinton. Your courage and grace are an example for all of us to follow.

  70. I am hoping this will be a positive, uplifting, safe, hope-filled, stimulating space for those of us who are #StillWithHer. 💜

  71. You care. You fight. You lead. You inspire. You are my hero, and I am still proudly with you! ❤
    Thank you,
    1 / 65,853,516

  72. Hillary,

    Thank you for not abandoning us, even though you would be well within your rights to retire from public life. You have always been stronger than me, and I am proud to support you!!

  73. I’ve always been with Hillary. She really cares for the marginalized citizens among us. She will always fight for us, and I will always fight for her and with her. #ImStillWithHer

  74. I voted for Hillary and was devasted to learn trump had won. I am struggling as I am sure others are as well to come to grips with our new “not normal.”

  75. I added this to my media feed because the corporate media did disappear women of color who supported all of the Democratic candidates in 2016. No matter where we sit in the Left of Center coalition, our voices and POV are shrouded in false narratives about our lives.
    I’m looking forward to reading journalism that makes room for us.
    Thanks for launching this site.

  76. Brilliant idea, and thank you. My best voting day ever was getting to vote for a fantastic, experienced, terrific woman for President after a lifetime of voting. I will always wish that Hillary had won. Our country would have done beautifully under her leadership. #Stronger together!

  77. #StillWithHer
    I’d hoped to see Hillary become the first woman president. Such a loss for our nation. She was prepared to lead us into the future.

  78. I knew when I voted Hillary I voted for a great woman! With everything she endured with Trump, she has never once failed us with her love, humility, understanding and when they go low we go high! I will be with her!!

  79. I will link to all who have repeatedly, exasperatedly asked, but what can we do? This, is a good place to start! 💪🏾🇺🇸✌🏽

  80. Hillary Clinton is first and foremost, a Citizen. As a citizen she stands unapologetically for all citizens, women, men, children, elders, black, white, yellow, ALL colors, creeds, cultures, citizens, all. As a strong woman she fights every day as millions do. As a strong, proud citizen of this country, I proudly declare that I’m still with Her and all she stands for!

  81. Finally… a place to go where one may have adult conversations, catch up on FACTUAL news, & cultivate informed opinions. THANK YOU

  82. I’m Brazilian and I have proud to had made campaign on internet and on social networks for #StrongerTogether plataform. #ImStillWithHer, with proud and honor. I’m willing to help and cooperate with projects and campaigns that have the propost defend the Americans values & humans rights, as well protect the Hillary Clinton legacy.

  83. Still here Hillary! Proud of you and proud of my vote. #PeoplesPresident
    You didn’t lose, America lost.
    #stillwithher ALWAYS!

  84. Proud to be #StillWithHer!!! Dangerous Donald will never tarnish our commitment to progress and democracy!! Single payer is a fantasy

  85. hey Hillary,

    Thank you for your actions In america and In The World.


  86. This country would be in a different place today, had the electoral college and Russian hacking not robbed us of our rightful president. I’m with Hillary forever.

  87. I love her strength and knowledge for what is right. I miss her humbling way of solving world problems and bringing people together. #StillWithHer #HillaryLove #SoWishSheWasOurPresident

  88. I am reading this with tears in my eyes. I haven’t been the same since November. This will hopefully help. #StillWithHer #AlwaysWithHer

  89. Hey I am Coordinator of Onward together France and I support Hillary for her progressiste ideas.
    I am #stillwithher and I have Written about her.

  90. So proud of my vote! So are my husband and brother-in-law, whom I convinced to register to vote for the first time in their 40+ years! #We’reStillWithHer

    Ronnie Kauffman
    Reno, NV

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