Mike Pence Vouches for Trump’s Ethics on White Supremacy

‘The President Was Clear’: Mike Pence Counters Paul Ryan’s Trump ‘Messed Up’ on C’Ville

Vice President Mike Pence spoke with Ainsley Earhardt today on Fox & Friends, and he responded to Paul Ryan’s criticism about how President Trump handled the civil unrest that followed Charlottesville. The House Speaker held a town hall last night where he said that Trump “messed up” last week by being morally ambiguous about whether there was any comparison between white supremacists and their counter-protesters.

The Hill on Twitter

Pence on Confederate statues: “I’m someone who believes in more monuments” https://t.co/56a9feZi1h

Ronald Klain on Twitter

Given Pence’s AM defense of Trump on #Charlottesville, reposting last week’s column on why @VP cannot escape Trump. https://t.co/oUcm9Ltie7

HumanRightsCampaign on Twitter

This was a chance for @mike_pence to stand up for justice. Instead, he doubled down on support for @realDonaldTrump’s dangerous rhetoric. https://t.co/D8vIbk7dwU

Note: It isn’t Democrats and progressives quoted on this page calling Mike Pence a liar. It’s conservatives like John Podhoretz and Jennifer Rubin.

Jennifer Rubin on Twitter

how many are tired of Mike Pence gaslighting the country, just flat out lying about what Trump says?

  1. Pence really showed who he is in the VP debates: sneering, misrepresenting, condescending, and eager to do Trump’s bidding regardless of whether that’s A) legal B) constitutional C) ethical D) humane.

    I don’t trust him. The ONLY thing he has going for himself in my book is that I *think* he would be hesitant to use nuclear weapons. Other than that, I got nothin’.

    1. Thank you Jennifer. I’m glad to be here too and that there’s a platform for what I need to hear and say. I’ve followed Peter Daou ever since joining Twitter because his thoughts are my thoughts, yet he is much more articulate. Much thanks for this gift…all of you who put Verrit in place!!

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“Mike Pence is lying. Everybody knows he's lying.” – John Podhoretz, conservative columnist
MSNBC, 8/22/17

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