Joy Reid: ‘It’s Very Hard for People to Admit They Were Fooled’

Joy Reid on Twitter

It’s very hard for people to admit they were fooled, whether by a Ponzi scheme, a real estate scam or a presidential candidate.

  1. Civil and productive dialogue…Yes! Being a dartboard for the ext-right hate groups can get tiring. Thanks for forging ahead, Verrit. Now…back to “What Happened.” (By the way, it’s not a question…)💪👍😉

  2. My soon to be ex partner says he doesn’t like everything about trump but believes he can affect change for the better is one thing but the amount & intensity of contempt he has for Hillary is the last straw for our relationship. What has he been reading & feeding into (fake news, Fox News & conspiracy) that he blindly overlooks the obvious competence, maturity & human decency she has to lead let alone the decades of service she has given to our country & fellow citizens. **sighs**

    1. Hello there, may I ask why your ex-partner thinks Trump can affect change? I am genuinely interested to know where this trust in Trump comes from. Thanks

  3. Now THIS I Love!
    “To maintain a respectful, civil, and productive dialogue, all comments are reviewed before publication and will not appear on the site until approved. Harassment, name-calling, intimidation, disruption, trolling, conspiracies, profanity, incitement, and intolerance are prohibited. We reserve the right to alter or remove terminology that violates our policy before publishing a comment.”

  4. I don’t think that Trump supporters are fooled. They know he’s an incompetent loose cannon. I just knew it was over for Trump when he was on national television making fun of a handicapped reporter. This was not a 7 year old but a 70 year old man.

  5. People want to be fooled. That is why they buy the potions, the schemes, the fake preachers. They want to be told saved with some miracle. Bernie and Trump offered simple solutions. Instant no work needed just add water and off you go with the new miracle.

    1. I don’t think ppl WANT to be fooled. True, many want what they had back. Simple quick fixes are tempting, but are not realistic.Unfortunately, throughout history those who promise the quick fixes or give a target for those suffering to blame are raised up and hailed as hero’s. But remember, once raised up it is a long drop to the bottom and a hard hit when the ppl realize you have lied.

      1. I think people want to “get back” what they THINK they had. The Leave It To Beaver fantasy life. It’s easier and more pleasant to ignore the facts. On some level, they know it’s a false nostalgia, but it feels nice. They also know that they CAN’T UNSEE the truth. So it’s safer to not look too close in the first place. This is what current GOP propaganda gives them: “all lives matter; we’re united as one; patriots, etc.” The only way that works is by creating scapegoats to blame for the fact the fantasy doesn’t work: HRC, Muslims, Black Lives Matter, etc. Divide and conquer.

  6. Please read the link. It’s important to realize that trying to refute Trump’s lies only reinforces them with his supporters.

    1. We’ve been too lax on holding politicians accountable, and the result is Russia/Trump. We MUST be engaged in OUR community and elections. I hear young people saying all the time that our vote doesn’t matter. I tell them all the time it does, especially at local level. If you vote, you have a voice. You can go to your congressman and voice your opinion. They’re all OUR employees and we must not let them be unchecked while working for us..

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“It's very hard for people to admit they were fooled, whether by a Ponzi scheme, a real estate scam or a presidential candidate.” – Joy Reid

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