‘Hillary Democrats’ Are an Active and Influential Voting Coalition

This is a growing sentiment:

Jennifer on Twitter

For the rest of my life, I’m going to call myself a “Hillary Clinton Democrat.” It’s a small way to try and get her some of her deserved due

‘Aphra Behn’ posted an excellent Twitter thread elaborating on the definition of a “proud Hillary Dem.”

Aphra Behn on Twitter

Following up @AnaMardoll ‘s excellent tweets: I never got why my parents still called selves Kennedy Dems, til HRC. I’m a proud Hillary Dem.

“Hillary Democrats” are the heart and conscience of America. They cast a vote for compassion, inclusion, justice, and equality – the values that make America great. It is a travesty that they continue to be treated with disdain and disrespect.

Verrit was created to be their home in the media. A resource for anyone who shares their common interests and beliefs.

On Sunday, September 3, Hillary Clinton endorsed Verrit.

Hillary Clinton on Twitter

I’m excited to sign up for @Verrit, a media platform for the 65.8 million! Will you join me and sign up too? https://t.co/bOLSMyk6bG

The response has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic among Clinton’s voters, with hundreds of thousands of site visits, comments, social media follows, signups, emails, etc. It validates the purpose of the platform, a place where the shared interests, values, and aspirations of 65.8 million Americans can be centered, free of harassment and hate.

Verrit was met with an entirely predictable response from Clinton’s detractors: rage, abuse, bullying, mockery. Within an hour of her tweet, a denial-of-service attack took the site down temporarily. Message board forums sprouted with users openly plotting to hack the site. Tech and political writers with an anti-Clinton bent focused on everything except Verrit’s stated purpose: To provide rigorously vetted information and analysis for people who are marginalized and threatened whenever they speak up. Rightwing media, from Breitbart to the Daily Caller, slammed Verrit and regurgitated the usual smears.

The effort to silence and invisibilize Hillary Clinton and her voters continues unabated since the 2016 election. But that won’t deter us from serving the needs and aspirations of our community, no matter how desperate the attacks. As the Trump presidency plods forward and Republican lawmakers do their best to advance destructive policies, Hillary Democrats will be on the front lines of the political battle. And Verrit will be there with them every step of the way.

-Peter Daou

[Updated 10/2017]

  1. Progressives attacking Democrats fail to see some very important things about lifelong Dems like me and my husband. We may not have run for office but we have always voted and advocated for the most progressive people and policies we can. But we did something even MORE important. We raised 2 very progressive children. I have been following Bernie Sanders and praising his policy ideas LONG before most of his current followers even knew who he is. From a very young age my kids learned about the virtues of Bernie from US, around our dinner table, constantly. Where do you think his surge of supporters came from? Many were kids like mine from parents like US who prepared them for this.

    When he wanted to run as a Democrat, I was ecstatic. I thought that finally we can spread these ideas through the party and prepare it for my kid’s generation. When people said he was grifting, I staunchly defended him. When my kids supported him, I was proud of them even though my decision was different. I voted FOR Hillary for many very specific reasons. I did not vote for Bernie for many very specific reasons. They felt the same but opposite and we respected each other for that.

    When he and his supporters started spouting the rigged primaries crap, I was stunned. I stayed silent mostly because I couldn’t believe adults were unable to reason through this accusation. When he wouldn’t concede after mathematically being able to win the primaries I was angry but stayed silent. I thought they’d work through this as logical adults. They didn’t. When they talked about contesting the primaries and then stomped on her victory at the convention, I stayed silent thinking they need to work through this and Bernie will strongly support her now and speak against this. He didn’t. Surely he’ll retract his statement that she was unqualified and repeat the nonstop forcefully until his followers get it, right? He didn’t.

    When after the election he and his supporters blamed her outright and the Dems and said completely unfounded in reality things like “Bernie would have won”, I stayed silent because I needed these people as allies and I thought once we all worked through our emotions in our own way, we could work together.

    When Bernie non-stop bashed Dems and then voted against the Russia sanctions, I was done. At this point, he can no longer represent me. If Bernie can’t stay sitting at the table for the discussion he says we need to have then he can’t lead me.

  2. What those who disparage us fail to realize is that WE are the base of the Democratic Party. They are the fringe element, and fringe elements don’t win elections. THEIR agenda’s not going anywhere without a LOT of help from Democrats.

  3. I’ve seen a LOT of ugliness on Twitter but the last few days, especially beltway media, has been beyond the pale. How Peter and Leela do it every day I’ll never know.

    “Professional” journalists and people I’ve admired..for YEARS..have been downright ugly about this site and Hillary’s book. It’s depressing and enlightening.

    The misogyny and the mocking have been like another punch to the gut, and we’ve had more than our share over the past year or so. Just grateful I can come here and say this without having to dread looking at awful responses.

    Thanks for this place, you two. Hugs. 💜

  4. I am so happy to have a site to go to for conversation and news for reasonable, compassionate people who are still with Hillary. I never stopped being with her. The attacks on her are vicious and show just how much misogyny is alive and well in the US. I had a couple of my employees say that Hillary should be jailed and they thought they were so clever by calling her ‘Killary’. One is a woman. Where did they get the information that led them to believe those things? Breitbart and other RW sites. When I laid the truth out for them their jaws dropped. Did they change their minds? Not yet. But, my hope is they start thinking and research the issues for themselves instead of relying on entertainment sites. I look forward to seeing news and articles in a place where hatred, misogyny, and bigotry is not allowed. Thank you.

    1. My family has been in mourning since 11/9/16. How American voters could let this happen is beyond us. To have a place for those of us #stillwithher is heartwarming. I look forward to helping shape a future for my grand babies that shares the values I grew up with.

  5. I’m so glad to have this venue and to know other like minded people really do exist. I’ve followed Hillary Clinton since the days of It Takes a Village was published. The venom that has been unleashed on her over the years has been unbelievable. Not only do we not have the first female president…our country lost out on the absolute most qualified person to be at the helm during these turbulent times. The Bernie or busters bear as much responsibility as Putin does for putting Mr T rump into Hillary’s rightful place.

  6. I hesitated before signing up for Verrit, mostly because I read Mr. Daou’s Twitter feed and get Verrit cards on my Twitter feed already; however, watching the over-the-top media frenzy (not to mention the overheated rhetoric from both left and right) regarding the launch, convinced me that joining Verrit was the right thing to do. The fact that some are attempting to strangle Verrit while it’s still in the cradle shows how little some who claim freedom of speech for themselves really respect that right for others. As a member of the “silenced majority” I appreciate the chance to participate in a forum that represents my point of view, treats its members with respect, and welcomes reasoned discussion.

  7. There’s a thread on Reddit today about Bernie’s response to the couple of paragraphs from her book that were widely circulated. There’s ~2,000 angry comments, blaming Hillary and her supporters for everything under the sun. That thread is a fantastic representation of the treatment that we get on the web and it’s been nonstop since before the election. Verrit is needed and I’m glad it exists.

    1. also an education on why one really ought to wait and read an entire book for one’s self , not a couple of pages somebody took a pic of then posted online.

      I saw Seth Meyers “sound off” last night and my first thought…has he got the book and read the whole thing?

      1. You’re absolutely correct. The only people who have read the whole book have been those who got review copies. I thought Dan Merica, Kevin Liptak and Jeff Zeleny of CNN gave much fairer assessments than I’ve seen elsewhere, and it’s obvious they read the book with care. As usual, the exception at CNN is Chris Cillizza, who can’t resist another chance to tell everyone how much smarter he is than Sec. Clinton, and how much better he would have done, while managing to ignore completely the Russian interference, and, most disastrously, the Comey late hit, which Nate Silver has proved pretty conclusively put the Clinton campaign down for good. As David Remnick wrote in the New Yorker about Hillary Clinton at the inauguration, “It is the stuff of Shakespeare.” For me his article, written on January 21st of this year, perfectly sums up my feelings about what happened. You can read it here: https://www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/hillary-clintons-personal-march-on-washington.

  8. Perhaps those who attack verrit and it’s founders don’t understand the power of believing in someone. 65.8 million of us believe in Hillary Clinton. That didn’t stop just because a rather unimpressive batch of old white guys lied, defamed, and colluded to bring her down. How powerful that must have made them feel. Yet, in terms of actual votes, she defeated Bernie, and then Trump. Neither of whom come even close to Hillary in terms of knowledge, experience, public service.

    Yeah, we’re not going anywhere. We’re the base of the Democratic Party; and I am personally proud of that; and proud of Peter and Leela Daou and all others who realize the significance of women like Hillary Clinton; who put themselves out there, time and again, and take the blows, to make life better and more equitable for all of us.

  9. I am glad about this site. The Hillary wing of the Democratic Party seems to have all the people who are grounded in good idealism but also the practical, logistical and paperwork side of service. As difficult as it is, history can be rewritten, but that is also a double edged sword. We have to regroup and fight back, learn from our mistakes, and keep going until we win. Is there a way to find local Hillary democrats in your area? Thanks and have a good day

  10. I actually really like how they say all the comments are reviewed before publishing them, it makes me feel safe to be a human being while engaging in an online forum.

  11. It is said that history is written by the victors- whether they win fairly or… uh- have some help from a hostile foreign government. What I love about Verrit is that it not only gives us a chance to regroup and perhaps even to organize but to also ensure that history- more specifically Herstory- counts the 65.8 million of us who voted for inclusivity and respect in the 2016 Presidential election- not to mention the most qualified candidate to ever run for the highest office in the land.

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