71 Percent of Human Trafficking Victims Are Women and Girls

84 children rescued, 120 human traffickers arrested across U.S., FBI says

The FBI rescued 84 children from the grips of a multistate human trafficking ring and arrested 120 traffickers on Wednesday, the agency said in a statement. Operation Cross Country XI focused the attention of law enforcement agencies on a single goal: taking out “pimps” who run human trafficking rings.

The Shocking Truth of Child Sex Trafficking

300,000 children in the United States are prostituted each year; are victims of child sex trafficking. The number is disturbing, to say the least. 2 million children are victims of child sex trafficking each year across the globe. The number is staggering, and hard to believe.

Report: Majority of trafficking victims are women and girls

According to a new report from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime ( UNODC), the vast majority of all human trafficking victims – some 71 per cent – are women and girls and one third are children.

Human trafficking survivor: I was raped 43,200 times

She looks straight into my eyes, her voice cracking slightly, as she tells me the number she wants me to remember — 43,200. By her own estimate, 43,200 is the number of times she was raped after falling into the hands of human traffickers.

Senators want to fight online sex trafficking by changing 1996 law

On the last night of her life last December, 16-year-old Desiree Robinson was driven by her “pimp” to the home of a 32-year-old man looking to engage in sex with a minor. The Chicago man had seen Robinson’s picture listed on the classified advertising website Backpage.com under the title, “New Girl in Town Looking to Have Fun.”

When Sex Trafficking Goes Unnoticed in America

It’s a vicious cycle that law enforcement in the U.S. sees time and time again. Women can be pulled in to commercial sex through gangs or pimps-the former function as delivery services, taking women to houses in the area they control, while the latter focus on hotels and street level prostitution, according to Woolf.

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71% of human trafficking victims are women and girls.

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